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Video Games and America's Youth

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  • How does video game addiction affect obesity?
  • How many hours of constant play constitutes addiction?
  • Do video games help with hand/eye coordination?
  • Do online games provide greater socialization opportunities for otherwise awkward, antisocial people?
  • Are certain kinds of games more harmful to be addicted to than others? (Grand Theft Auto vs. Legend of Zelda)
  • Can video games benefit classroom education?
  • What's the difference between addiction and addictive? Can some level of obsession have greater benefits than harm?
  • Is the time spent playing video games a waste?
  • Are video games geared towards a particular gender or race?
  • Do video game ratings actually affect the decision to purchase? Should video games be more regulated by the government?
  • Are violent video games responsible for increased violent actions of teenagers?
  • How are online video games related to social network games? (World of Warcraft vs. Uno)

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