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Ebooks: All About eBooks

Describe ebook collections and explain how patrons can interact with each.

Policies for Downloadable eBook Collections




Ebook Central – entire book

Ebook Central pdf – chapter or page range


Checkout length

7 day maximum – user decides

0, 7, or 14 days, depending on license for individual title

PDFs do not expire; 60 page limit

PDFs do not expire. Download by chapter or entire book.



Has real-time "waiting list" for busy titles








Number of checkouts you can have at one time


You can full-download the same book again and again, once you return it or it expires.

No limit



-Apple (iOS) Devices, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

-Android Devices, such as smartphones and tablets

-Sony eReader Touch Edition


-Kindle: PDFs can be created in the eBook Full Text view and transferred using Send to Kindle.

-All eBook Readers supporting the Adobe eBook DRM

Minimum Browser Requirements for EBSCO Interfaces.

Simply select your device in the first step:


- Laptop / Desktop


-Apple (iOS) Devices: 

 iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


-Android Devices:

Smartphone and tablet

All devices that can read PDF

All devices that can read PDF.



Mobile Apps

In order to download EBSCO eBooks, you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer.  You will also need to use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer an eBook to a supported portable eReader device.




Authenticating the eBooks App.   Learn how to authenticate the eBooks App with your Adobe ID and find your library. Tutorial.

Using the eBooks App. Learn how to use the App to search for eBooks and download them to your device. Tutorial.

The EBSCO eBooks App is available for:

1. From a Laptop or Desktop:

-If you’re using a laptop or desktop, you need Adobe Digital Editions, a free program that is different than Adobe Reader.

-A free Adobe ID is also required to transfer the eBook to another device, but not if you’re just reading it on the same computer. 

2. Download to Mobile Devices: 

On iOS and Android devices, you need Bluefire Reader, which is free from the App Store and Google Play. You need an Adobe ID to use Bluefire Reader.



Chapter Downloads allow you to download a chapter, page range, or single page as a PDF.


Chapter Downloads are available from Chapter Results.


The PDFs are searchable and selectable, include a citation and do not expire.









SpringerLink App:

(Work in progress)



-Google Play



Mobile Apps (continued)

The EBSCO eBooks mobile App. 

Now available for Broward College! (since Oct. 2015)

-Download the EBSCO eBooks App. 






-Select country and state.






-Scroll down to find Broward College





-Use your student or staff ID Card.









Number of users accessing book

No access when someone has title checked out. Generally one user at a time when title is available.

Sometimes unlimited; sometimes one; varies by title



Searching and Reading - Help

EBSCO eBooks Basics. Includes EBSCO eBooks requirements and eBook viewer.


Reading EBSCO eBooks - Tutorial


Searching for eBooks. Tutorial.

Book Details.  Example of an Ebook Central Detail Page.

Ebook Central Reader. Table of Contents and Reader Navigation Tips.

Ebook Central Bookshelf. Functionality, Export Notes, Share Link to Book, Copy To, and Remove.

Book Annotations. Highlights, Notes and Bookmarks.

Searching in Ebook Central.

Search Results and Advanced Searching.


Search Tips: Narrowing your results, start a new search, operators, and more.

Downloading help                

Downloading an eBooks. Tutorial.



Ebook Central Full Download.  Here is an example of a full title download in Adobe Digital Editions.

Full Download: Troubleshooting Bluefire issues    

Ebook Central Chapter Download.  

Here is an example of a Chapter Download.

Just click on PDF link!

Full book download feature


An EBSCO search widget is available from

A Research Resources: Research Resources LibGuide page.



An Ebook Central search widget is available from

A Research Resources: Research Resources LibGuide page.




eBook Collection Subject Areas


Database Title

Suggested Disciplines

eBooks  online

eBooks can be downloaded

eBooks can be checked out

Single user, multiple user, or unlimited

Title count (estimates)


All disciplines – strong in social sciences



Unlimited users


APA Style Guide to Electronic References, 6th ed.

Citation styles.

Access to this guide is available for students, faculty, and staff through RefWorks.


Access to this document is also available for current Broward College students.



Ebook Central (replaces ebrary)

All disciplines

Varies – mostly multiple users


eBook Collection by EBSCO

All disciplines


Varies - mostly single user



eDuke Books Scholarly Collection Humanities and Social Sciences

Users can print, read online, or download PDFs by chapter.


Unlimited users



Gale Virtual Reference Library

All disciplines

By article (html or pdf)


Unlimited users


Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online

Performing Arts



Unlimited users


Infobase eBooks

eBook Platform Updates




Unlimited users



-Open Access eBooks

-eBooks-FLVC (August 2017)

Arts & Humanities
General (Multi-Disciplinary)
Literature & Book Reviews
Social Sciences


Unlimited users




Latino Literature




Unlimited users


Oxford English Dictionary

All disciplines



Unlimited users


Project MUSE Social Sciences and multidisciplinary.


Book chapters are available in PDF format.    Unlimited users 2,946



PubMed Help. Quick Start Guide.


Bookshelf Help. Quick Start Guide.

Health care, medicine, neuroscience, chemicals and drugs.

To access the PubMed eBook collection, go to 'Bookshelf', then select ‘Books’ from the drop-down menu. Bookshelf provides free online access to books and documents in life science and healthcare.


Entire eBook (pdf).

By chapter (html).

HTML5-based book viewer.

  Unlimited users 4,640

Safari  Books Online

News and Updates.

A guide to all aspects of Safari Books Online including content, searching, and viewing results.

Business, Technology, and Personal Development



6 simultaneous users


(Still waiting for the New Safari with Unlimited user access)


Salem Online

Health & Medicine
Literature & Book Reviews
Environmental Science
Criminal Justice



Unlimited users



All sciences, public health and medicine, education, engineering, environment, law, history, business, mathematics, statistics, social sciences

Downloaded titles can be kept forever. Most books can be purchased in print for $25.00.

 Unlimited number of simultaneous users



Testing & Education Resource Center

College prep and career test guides.

First time users must create a personal account; it's used to track your learning progress.



Unlimited users


World Book

Literature, public domain

By chapter (html)


Unlimited users


World Folklore and Folklife

Folklore, religion, traditional arts, tales, myths, and urban legends, music and dance.

               Unlimited users            105       

eBook Collections at your Library!

Below is a list of eBook collections available through the U/C Library. When logging in, please use your Borrower ID number (student ID or employee ID) and your two-digit month and two-digit day of your birthdate (MMDD).