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Cults & Other Movements: Pathfinder

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  • Do non-traditional religious movements use brainwashing techniques?
  • Is deprogramming successful for former members?
  • Do cults mentally and physically abuse their members?
  • Do cults and non-traditional religions have important differences?
  • Should non-traditional movements be classified as cults? Are there negative connotations associated with the term?
  • Discuss specific cults such as the Heaven’s Gate (Marshall Applewhite), Branch Davidians and David Koresh (Waco), the Unification Church (Rev. Sun Yung Moon), Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard), the Hare Krishna Movement, Aum Shinrikyo (Japanese), Family (David Berg), Peoples’ Temple (Jim Jones), Falun Gong (Li Hongzhi)
  • At what point should the federal government become involved in the existence of cults?

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