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2018 Florida Elections

Gubernatorial and Senate Election Candidates for 2018

Gun Safety


Andrew Gillum - "...led the charge for more common sense gun safety policies including a ban on assault weapons, large capacity magazines, and bump stocks; strengthening and requiring universal background checks for all gun sales..." read more

Gwen Graham - "...we can live in a Florida with fewer gun deaths, free from mass shootings, where every Floridian feels safe. But to save lives and build that safer Florida, we must take meaningful action: we must pass common sense gun safety laws." read more

Jeff Greene - "[I]will work to enact common-sense gun safety solutions. That includes a ban on military-style assault rifles to keep them out of schools and off the streets." read more

Chris King - "We'll use the sales taxes from guns and ammunition purchases and an additional 6% safety fee on ammunition sales to fund prevention and intervention programs ..." read more

Philip Levine - "Reverse preemption and empower local governments to establish common-sense rules that work for their communities." read more



Ron DeSantis - "I’m proud to be recognized as a strong defender of the rights of law-abiding citizens and appreciate the support of the NRA for my campaign.” read more

Adam Putnam - "As Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam expanded the state’s concealed weapon license program so it is now the largest in the country." hear more