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2018 Florida Elections

Gubernatorial and Senate Election Candidates for 2018



Andrew Gillum - " [I] believe a quality, public education is still the best path to equal opportunity, but that Florida’s education reform has been a failure." read more

Gwen Graham - "From personal experience, Gwen knows there are a few things that work: hiring the best possible teachers and staying out of their way, ensuring that education isn’t one-size fits all..." read more

Jeff Greene - "Education funding has been held hostage, and we are experiencing a true state of education emergency: our public schools rank 40th in the country. In today’s system, the quality of your education depends on where you live and the size of your parents’ paycheck." read more

Chris King - "King will offer free tuition for Florida College system schools to qualifying students. This will help more Floridians secure well-paying jobs in growing industries like healthcare, education, and technology." read more

Philip Levine - "Philip sees a future where our state builds partnerships with leading companies to supplement our investments in Florida’s public education system and ensure our schools have the resources necessary to help our students achieve." read more



Ron DeSantis - "The need to acquire advanced knowledge and skills beyond high school has never been greater, yet it has probably never been clearer that four-year universities are not the only way to acquire such skills." read more

Adam Putnam - "...vocational training and technical colleges are stigmatized as a second class form of education and that many high school guidance counselors aren't letting students know there are well-paying opportunities immediately after graduation that can be an alternative to a traditional college degree." read more