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2018 Florida Elections

Gubernatorial and Senate Election Candidates for 2018

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Primary elections—in which registered voters select a candidate whom they believe should be a political party's candidate to run in the general election—do more than select nominees. They often articulate a party's identity. Both Democrats and Republicans need to turn-out for the primaries.


Don't forget to make your selections August 28, 2018 

What are the Primaries?

News Briefs

February 1, 2018

Orlando Sentinel Columnist

Scott Maxwell


My Sunday column attempts to help you, the Florida voter, better understand the platforms of the six major candidates for governor.

The column summarizes their stances. But here, I wanted to share their unedited responses — their top priorities in their own words.

Below is the letter I sent to the six major campaigns. (22 candidates have filed. Some presumed candidates, such as House Speaker Richard Corcoran, have not.) Below that are all six responses.

Dear candidates,

I know there has been a lot of horse-race coverage about the governor’s race – about both the polls and fundraising.

But I wanted to get a bit beyond that and write something about the issues most important to the candidates – and the policies they want to implement if elected.

As such, I wanted to ask each candidate for 3 specific policy proposals they think best define their candidacy .

Whatever issues are most important to you – a way to give readers an idea of what they could expect if you are elected … and why that would be different from the others. The more details, the better – and in your own words.

Thanks, Scott