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ENC0017C-Prof. Forbes

Argumentative Essay Assignment

In the world of education, an academic argument is not a knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish. Rather academic argument is more like a debate. It is sensible and rational. Therein, authors advance their topics with a point and support.

Your task is to read and understand chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13 in your textbook. Annotate carefully. Then select a topic of your choice for your argumentative essay. Thus far, some of your selected topics include:

  1. Abortion (narrow your focus)
  2. Bacon As a National Dish
  3. The Age at Which Children Should be Allowed Social Media Access
  4. Celebrities are poor examples to their fans
  5. Working for long hours reduces productivity
  6. Single sex schools provide a better learning environment
  7. Are security measures infringing on personal rights?

Additional topics can be found at: Any topic not listed above MUST be cleared with your instructor before you proceed.

Guidelines: The essay should be five (5) to seven (7) paragraphs in length, contain a developed thesis, proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. You will select a topic and argue your point for OR against, and provide explanations of support. You must have at least three aspects of explanation, so think carefully about your chosen topic. Where do you stand? Why do you believe of disbelieve? What is the evidence? What does research say? You must provide an outline in class prior to the due date for review. Note that this is a research paper. You must use MLA format with a Works Cited page as the last page (examples are in D2L). Submit your essay via D2L to the ASSIGNMENTS folder by the stated due date.

NOTE: The draft MUST be turned in to both D2L AND in Brainfuse.

1. Use MLA format.
2. The last page is a list of your sources on the Works Cited page.
3. Review the Argumentative Rubric.
NOTE: The draft MUST be turned in to both D2L AND in Brainfuse.

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