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The Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 was a domestic terror attack that resulted in mass casualties and loss of human life. Information poured in from spectators on-site, news media around the world, and law enforcement representatives at various stages of the investigations. Urgency caused a lot of well-meaning people to spread misinformation that led to mass confusion, false accusations of innocent people, and contradictions that obfuscate the facts to this day. 


You’ve been asked to do a speech on the Boston Marathon Bombing. Your assignment guideline is to find three sources of information shared/ published at different points in the information cycle. 

  1. During the bombing
  2. The following days after the bombing
  3. 2 years after the Boston Marathon Bombing


Read these timelines of the Boston Marathon Bombing to help you answer the questions below.


In order to complete your assignment think about what kind of sources you would consult with.

Things you should consider:

  • Where do you get quick information on events happening right now?
  • If you wanted to learn the long term effects of a major disaster/ tragedy, what kind of source would you look for?

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