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Education Pathway

Education Pathway

Research & Reading: Pedagogy in the 21st Century


Anyone can create a video and upload it to Youtube. D2L enables course developers to link to their own content or to external content. 

What can you add to your shell?

What tools can you use to create videos?

  • Capture your screen so your students see what you're seeing using Jing 
  • Create videos with Animoto (apply for free educator account) and/or make short animated videos with Powtoon
  • Record lectures and presentations using your smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device - Learn how on Lynda

Enhance your presentations and handouts with images and informational graphics (infographics) that are dynamic and engaging. 

How can you create graphics and infographics without Photoshop?

 Most of these tools are free and easy to use and can be explored before utilizing for your class. If you need any help in using them, please contact your campus IT or library. 

Tools for Creating Ready Digital Content