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Criminal Justice: Getting Started

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The following is a partial list of subject headings related to Criminal Justice that can be used to locate books, magazine & journal articles and streaming videos in the UC Library Catalog.

Criminal Justice System

Source: Criminal Justice by Frank J. Schmalleger, ISBN# 9780133591316.

About this guide

Welcome to the UC Library subject guide for the Public Safety Pathway. This LibGuide includes information resources including textbooks, magazines, journals, books and more.

Use the tabs at the top to find resources and information to help you research this topic. 

The goal of this page is to provide faculty/students with online access to library & web resources in the Criminal Justice field.

Police Community Relationships

Police Community Relationships Site

Check out building trust in law enforcement page.  This guide outlines what law enforcement organizations are already doing to foster confidence, and what else can and needs to be done.

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