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College Read 2016-17: This I Believe II

The 2016 College-Wide Read book for Broward College is "This I Believe II: More Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women" by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman with John Gregory and Viki Merrick.

This I Believe Essays & Audio on NPR

This I Believe II Podcasts

Click on a title to either read or listen to the audio of the essays from This I Believe II. Most of the essays from the book are available online if you are unable to check out a copy at your campus library.

 Robin Baudier: The Strange Blessing That Brought Me Home

 Terry Ahwal: Finding the Strength to Fight Our Fears 

 Quique Aviles: I Will Take My Voice Back

 Steve Banko: A 'Silent Night' That Brought Healing

 Bob Barret: Living With Integrity

 Amelia Baxter-Stoltzfus: Returning to What's Natural

 Yasir Billoo: The Right to Be Fully American

 Alice Brock: Making It Up As I Go Along

 Brigid Daull Brockway: A Busybody's Guide to Improving the World

 Davie Buetow: Teaching a Bad Dog New Tricks

 Mary Chapin Carpenter: The Learning Curve of Gratitude

 Jon Carroll: Failure Is a Good Thing

 Betsy Chalmers: The Faith That Brings Me Peace

 Christine Cleary: The Deeper Well of Memory

 Corinne Colbert: A Marriage That's Good Enough

  Wayne Coyne: Creating Our Own Happiness

 â€‹Cortney Davis: A Way to Honor Life

 Dennis Downey: We Never Go Away 

 Tamar Duke-Cohan: The Questions We Must Ask 

 Joel Engardio: Learning True Tolerance

 Bela Fleck: Doing Things My Own Way

 Robert Fulhum: Dancing All the Dances As Long As I Can

 Michelle Gardner-Quinn: A Reverence For All Life

 David Gessner: A Feeling of Wildness

 Jimmie Dale Gilmore: All the Joy the World Contains

 David Greenberger: As I Grow Old

 Ernesto Haibi: Untold Stories of Kindness

 Ivory Harlow: Peace Begins With One Person

 Tony Hawk: Do What You Love

 Barbara Held: Combating the Tyranny of the Positive Attitude

 Becky Herz: My Husband Will Call Me Tomorrow

 Roald Hoffmann: The Tense Middle 

 Jeffrey Hollender: Living in the Here and Now

 Jake Hovenden: Inner Strength from Desperate Times

 Chris Huntington: Becoming a Parent Is a Gift

 Alex Anderson: Finding Redemption Through Acceptance

 Annaliese Jakimides: Paying Attention to the Silver Lining

 Ann Karasinski: There Is No Blame, Only Love

 Kevin Kelly: The Universe Is Conspiring to Help Us

 Susan Cooke Kettredge: We All Need Mending

 Martha Leathe: Telling Kids the Whole Truth