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College Read 2016-17: This I Believe II

The 2016 College-Wide Read book for Broward College is "This I Believe II: More Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women" by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman with John Gregory and Viki Merrick.

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Ready to use resources to supplement your instruction using NPR's This I Believe program and books in your class. Lessons vary. Some include the use of digital tools for podcasting and other transliteracy expression, and others focus on written work. Good for all levels of BC students across the curriculum. 

Discussion Question #1

Dramatic events, such as Hurricane Katrina and the War in Iraq, are topics in many of these essays. How has a dramatic event, either in your personal life or in the world, shaped your views and beliefs?

Discussion Question #2

Robin Baudier turned adversity into what she calls "strange blessings." Is there anything in your own life that could be called a strange blessing?

Discussion Question #3

If peace begins with one person, as Ivory Harlow states in her essay, how can each of us contribute? Did any of these essays inspire you to action? Which ones and why?

Discussion Question #4

Several essayists in the book write about doing what they love. What does it take to follow your own path? What sacrifices are required? What would you be doing, if you could?

Discussion Question #5

Was there a time when your core beliefs were shaken or tested, perhaps in a way that was uncomfortable or dangerous? 

Discussion Question #6

What are your core beliefs? What were your greatest influences in shaping those beliefs? How have your beliefs changed throughout your life?