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ENC 1102- Prof. Barr

Researched Problem/Solution Essay in Three Parts

Prof. C. Barr ENC 1102 Spring 2016

Researched Problem/Solution Essay in Three Parts

Format:  MLA


Sources:  minimum 4, including one internet source and all must be academic sources or products of high-level investigative journalism (see acceptable periodicals list).


Part One:      Conceptual Outline  (see handout)  (Graded Separately from the Essay)

Part Two:       Annotated Bibliography:  minimum 6 sources.  (4 database sources and 2 internet sources) (Graded Separately from the Essay)

Each entry must be in MLA format and include, for each entry:

1.   MLA format bibliographic information

2.  Brief, two to three sentence summary of article

3.  Evaluation and explanation of article’s credibility or lack thereof (if you chose not to use it, why?)

4.  Explain how this source could be (or would not be) useful for your paper’s purposes--be as specific as possible.  What point(s) might this source help support?

Part Three:   The Researched Essay, in three drafts:  Note:  Each draft will account for 1/4 of the final grade on the paper.  Therefore, not turning in a draft when due is not an option!    

Due Dates: Post to D2L by the dates below:

Conceptual Outline:   

List of 6 credible sources in MLA format, in alphabetical order: 

Annotated Bibliography: 

Complete First Draft with source pages: 

Each draft will count as 1/4 of essay final grade—in case of absence, the drafts must be turned in online that day or receive a zero as 1/4 of your final essay grade! 

MUST be sent to Smarthinking on the SAME DAY.  Failure to send to Smarthinking on time will cause 10 point reduction in this grade.

Second Draft, for Peer Review:  Wednesday, April 15.  Bring 3 copies AND all source pages with borrowed information highlighted.  Be sure to attach Works Cited page at the back of the paper.

Suggested Websites