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What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning

From The Greenwood Dictionary of Education

An instructional approach in which students are allowed to engage in a long-term, complex project where they must spend time asking and debating questions and ideas, investigating by designing plans and experiments, collecting and analyzing data, asking more complex follow-up questions, and possibly concluding with creating artifacts that represent their learning or making a presentation. In this environment, the student is given the opportunity to connect what is covered in the curriculum with real-world experiences through extended inquiry. The project exploration and direction is strongly controlled by the student's own choices and motivations. 

"Project-Based Learning." The Greenwood Dictionary of Education. Ed. John W. Collins, III and Nancy Patricia O'Brien. 2nd ed. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood, 2011. 375. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 17 Nov. 2015.

Ideas for Projects

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