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ENC 0017C - Prof. Forbes: Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay (MLA format): Read the required essays for the argumentative essay. Decide which one of the five essays you will use for your argumentative essay. Read the questions or statements (if any) associated with your chosen essay.

Create a thesis statement by turning one (1) of the questions into a statement. Then create your outline or mind map to support your thesis. Conduct research to support your thesis/argument. You need two or more sources. Write your drafts. Be sure to include the opposing points of view as well.

For more help with your argumentative essay, see chapter 14, p. 391, the classroom handouts, and the essay handouts. Be sure to visit the Writing Lab for further assistance with your writing. See a Reference Librarian (, set up an appointment through this link), and Chapter 11 for help with MLA.


1. Effects of Drugs in our Lives

2. What kinds of things can people do to take their voices back and regain control of their lives?

I Will Take My Voice Back: Quique Aviles, p. 14

(essay handout)


1.Racism in the United States

2. How does religion define us?

3. How does nationality define us?

4. How do our beliefs color our world?

5. What does it mean to be American?

6. Are there similarities between Biloo’s concerns and being black in America?

The Right to be Fully American, Yasir Biloo,  p. 29

(essay handout)


1. Investigate the right to die with dignity.

2. Investigate the necessity of having trustworthy friends and family.

I Always have a Choice, Catherine Royce, p. 194

(essay handout)


1. What steps do people take to combat the effect of aging?

2. In what way are the elderly and disabled people valuable in society?

3. What is the value of the human body?

I Am Not My Body, Lisa Sandin, p. 197 (essay handout)


1. How important is a father’s presence in his children’s lives?

2. How necessary is it for fathers to be positive role models for their children?

3. Are we obligated to care for family members who treat us poorly?

4. How important is forgiveness?

Freeing Myself Through Forgiveness, Yolanda Young,

p. 227 (essay handout)


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