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Films On Demand: FAQ

Films on Demand is a streaming video database that specializes in educational and academic content.


Films Media Group is the leading source of high-quality video and multimedia for academic, vocational and life-skills content. Films Media Group serves the education community through its four brands: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware. 

Common Questions About Films on Demand - Interactive

Getting Started
Do I have to make an account on Films on Demand?
For normal use, no. You can search and view any of their videos without an account.
When would I need to make an account on Films on Demand?
An account is required to create a playlist and mark your favorites. Both of these features are pretty handy, so you might want to make an account at some point.
Does Films on Demand work on iPads or iPhones?
Yes it does! There is no app though: you just access the site or follow direct video links on your device.
How to Show a Video
How do I search for a video?
Several ways - probably the best way is to go directly to Films on Demand, either through this link or through a link on the library's databases page.

You can also search the library's catalog on the library home page for Films on Demand videos, though not every video is in our catalog, so you could be missing some.

You can also use the search box to the left - it is searching Films on Demand directly.
Can I download a video to show my class?
No, Films on Demand is a streaming video service, so you have to view it either from their website or embeded in D2L.
How do I get the direct link to a video or playlist?
When you're looking at a video or playlist, the direct link is found near the bottom of the content, below the video and the description. It will be labeled Title URL, Segment URL, or Playlist URL (depending on what it is).
How do I make a playlist of several videos?
To make a playlist, you will need to create an account for yourself if you don't already have one. Then you basically search for videos and click Add to Playlist when you find one to add. When you're done, just copy the address of your playlist to share or bookmark. You can see all the steps demonstrated here
How do I show a video in my class?
You would want to get the direct link to your video (or playlist) beforehand. Then it's up to you - if you're using Powerpoint you might want to put the link in a slide; or put the link in Prezi; or simply bookmark it in your browser. Then when you're in class, just follow the link from wherever you placed it. Here is how to do that for Powerpoint
Using Videos in D2L
How do I add a link to a video or playlist in D2L?
Linking to a video is the easiest way to show a video in D2L. Here's how to do that

Or, you might want to provide a playlist (a series of back-to-back videos) to your students in Blackboard. Here's how to do that
How do I embed a video or playlist in D2L?
You can embed a video in D2L and it will play in the frame alongside any directions or notes you want to leave for your students. Here's how to do that

Playlists, however, aren't embeddable, but you can put a link to your playlist in D2L. Here's how to do that
What's the difference between embedding a video and linking to a video?
An embedded video would play directly on the site. A linked video would take the viewer from the site to Films on Demand to play it. In D2L, however, there's less of a difference, because even links keep the user within the D2L frame.

Keep in mind, however, that links to videos or playlists will take the students away from any directions or notes you added to the page, but embedded videos will play alongside the notes.
Using Videos Off Campus
How do I watch videos or search Films on Demand off campus?
You can access Films on Demand the same way you would on campus - through a link, or by searching the library's catalog, or by using the search box to the left - but you'll be asked for your Borrowed ID and password when you initially reach Films on Demand.

If you follow a link to a video from off campus, you'll be asked for your Borrowed ID and password. The one exception to all this is if you watch a video in D2L - there you should be able to view videos without entering any login info.

If any of these scenarios aren't working the way we described them, please contact the library and include some information about where you found the link.


The Javascripts of this FAQ were built by John Wilson, Loden-Daniel Library, Freed-Hardeman University. Many thanks to John for sharing his work.

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