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Faculty Resources at the University/College Library: Fines and Charges

A guide designed to assist instructors in navigating the library resources and services available at the University/College Library

Paying Fines, etc.

All fines and lost fees are posted to CID and must be paid at the BC Cashier’s Office, Bldg. 19, or online at MyBC. No refunds for lost items are made after one year of date due. All fees are set by Broward College.

Lost Books

Students and staff are charged fines for overdue materials. Books become "LOST" 21 days after the due date. The Lost date for other materials varies per item. All materials that become lost have a replacement charge and $6.00 non-refundable processing fee. Borrowers are responsible for any lost or damaged items charged to their card. Students should clear any Library or Learning Resource obligations as failure to do so can interfere with registration and transcripts.
Faculty are not charged fines, but are charged for materials that become Lost.


Students will be subject to having their library and college financial accounts, and registration blocked until the lost item is returned and the fees are paid. Faculty, staff, and students with outstanding lost materials fees including fines of $20.00 or more will lose their library and ILL privileges until the charges are paid.

Fines and Charges

Overdue fines:

  • Laptops, Equipment, Study Rooms: $ 5.00 per hour
  • Library Items:    $ .10 per day
  • ACS items:    $.25 per day
  • Nursing Models:    $5.00 per day
  • Reserve Materials--Hourly Item:    $5.00 per hour
  • Reserve Materials--Daily Item:    $5.00 per day
Charges for lost or damaged materials:
Note: Items become Lost 21 days after last due date.
  • Books:    $66.35*
  • DVD/Video:    $91.00*
  • Group Study Room Key:    $81.00*
  • Interlibrary Loan Items:    Replacement Cost*
  • Laptop/Equipment:    Replacement Cost*
  • Open College items:    $26.00*
  • Other Lost items:    Replacement Cost*
  • Book: 23.80*
  • Periodical: $28.40*
  • Barcode, cover, highlighting, label, writing, stains:    $16.00 min. *
  • Other Damages to Item:    Charge determined by level of damage*
*Note: The library reserves the right to assess the condition of all returned library materials. Damage fees may vary, depending on the extent of damage, up to the full cost of the item. All lost, rebound, and damaged items include a $6.00 non-refundable processing charge.

Damage to Patron's Equipment

The U/C Library disclaims all responsibility for any reported damage sustained by patron's equipment attributed to the use of audiovisual or computer materials checked out from the Library or ASC.