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Literary Festival: 2009 Literary Feast

Abouth this Feast

This page contains highlights of our first annual Litarary Feast. Below you will find interviews with some of the participants as well as footage form the actual event. Join us every fall for this one of kind event!

The Program

What did the students have to say?

Faculty Perspective

When asked what they thought of the event this is what the authors responded...

Overview of the Feast

READ Campaign

Professor Maria Anderson, Author of Werewolf Dreams

Professor Henry Allen, Researcher of Pedometers

Professor Jason Hainsworth, Composer- Kaleidoscope

Professor Neil Plakcy, Author of Mahu Vice

Professor David Plumb, Author of Poetry on Strings

Professor Wendy Ramer, Author of Enzo's Mamma

Professor Ranish, Author of The Broken Picker Fixer

Professor Angel M. Rodriguez, Author of Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manuals

Professor Lourdes Rodriguez-Florido, Author of White Trees

Professor Joy T. Vaughn, Author of Powerful People Powerful Lives

Professor Mario M. Vazquez, Author of The Color of My Paint

Professor Bruce Wingerd Author of Over 19 Textbooks!