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Broward College Archives & Special Collections: Manuscript Collections

Housing significant papers, publications, photographs, and other objects related to the history of Broward College.

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections (MS) are sets of cultural material not directly related to Broward College.

MS Number MS Name Date Acquired Collection Description
1 Museum records 2005
2 Hollywood Arts 2005
3 Forman family 2008 The Forman Family are pioneers of broward County abnd the Everglades and more. Hamilton Forman secured the commitment which reserved much of the land for educational purposes. Despite the General  Service Administration's ardent desire to sell the property. It would be reserved for the eventual construction of Broward College.
4 Playbill Collection 2005

5 Mid-20th Century Travel Brochures 2009 This collection includes travel brochures, information guides, and other tourist-related advertisements from 1940-1955. However, the majority of items are from 1952-1953. This collection is useful for researchers who want to focus on the travel industry in the 1950s. Brochures focus on parks and monuments throughout the United States.
6 Twentieth Century Sheet Music 2009 Sheet Music spanning from 1918 - 1959
7 Jacqueline Kennedy 2009 Popular culture material related to Jacqueline Kennedy 1961-2001
8 Les Goldsmith 2010 Scrapbook - Les Martin was the lead in the 1980 production of Equus. This was the first major production at Bailey Hall,  which opened in 1979.
9 Olympic reproduction posters 2011
10 Ocean liner memorabilia 2011
11 Twentieth Century Popular Culture 2010 Various Magazines - Life,Time , Vogue, US News, Esquire Saturday Evening Post and Antiques. Spanning from 1935-2008.
12 Twentieth Century Plays 2005
13 Mildred Mullikin 2009 Her career at BCC Performing Arts spanned from 1960 - 1990.
14 Broward County Archival Society 2005
15 Westside Gazette 2002

The Westside Gazette newspapers that are housed in Archives span from 1991 -1994.

16 UP University Press 2001
17 Seminole Tribune 2005

The Seminole Tribune Newspaper gives us a extensive  knowledge of the Seminole Culture and it's rich History 1991 - 2004

18 Carbon Copies 2001
19 Arizona Highway
20 Professor Amato

The late Professor Amato taught diversified courses through his career. Letters of appreciation from his students,which resulted i him being awarded Professor of the the year. His career began in 1999 and was a asset  to Broward College and all of the lives he touched.

21 Book Catalogs - Manuscript

22 Connie Warner - Calligraphy Donation (Shakespearean Sonnets 2016

The Calligraphy Collection includes 78 Framed Shakespearean Sonnets, 12 Framed Astrological Symbols, 12 framed Months of the Year and 13 Tres Riches heures du Duc de Berry by the Limbourg Brothers.

23 The Art of Making Money 1706 -1980 Interesting information beginning with the Translation of Benjamin Franklin Rebus to the Call of Arms under General Washington. Reproduced on antiqued parchment that looks and feels old.