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BOT 2010 & BOT 2800

Prof. Chung

Video Tutorial

Research Minutes: How to Identify Scholarly Journal Articles (90 sec.)
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Databases vs. Google

Library databases are NOT search engines such as Google. We access library databases, online journals and other academic materials through the Internet. These resources have been reviewed by librarians and listed on the library Webpage.

Google is a popular search engine for finding resources on the World Wide Web. It uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search. A Web page is usually a personal, government, organization or corporate site. These are the types of pages you will mainly find when you search Google. Please be aware that some of the Web pages are not accurate or reliable. So, you have to review and evaluate the Web page yourself.

Why Journal Articles?

It is very important to use journal articles to find current research on your topic. Journal articles can be found by using the library databases that are appropriate for your topic.

Databases most helpful for Plant Project

Your library has access to databases that can lead you to science magazines and journals articles. The University/College Library subscribes to many of research databases. Some databases cover several subjects; others cover a specific subject in depth.