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ENC 1101 - Prof. Geerling and Prof. Beniste: ENC 1101 - Assignment

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Linked Assignments/ Learning Activities - ENC 1101


  1. Narrative Essay (2-3 pages): In the narrative essay, you will inform your readers about a person that you admire because of their perseverance. The person may be a living or deceased family member, friend, mentor, celebrity, historical, political, or musical figure. You are encouraged to research a person within your career pathway.
  2. Illustration Essay (2-3 pages): In the illustration essay, you will illustrate to your readers how the lyrics of a song demonstrate an aspect of yourself in which you persevered. The topic can be about a personal experience, event, condition, or struggle that you faced. You must use the song lyrics as illustrations that support each of the main ideas.
  3. Persuasive Essay (3-4  pages): In the persuasive essay, you will influence the reader to join a social cause or movement. You must identify the role of perseverance within the social cause or movement. You are encouraged to research a social cause or movement within your career pathway.
  4. Ceremonial Speech/Course and Personal Reflection (1-2 pages): In the ceremonial speech, you will prepare a toast that reflects what you have learned in this course, who has been instrumental on your journey, and how you will use what you have learned in the future as it relates to your career pathway. 


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